The mechanical construction professionals at Power and Combustion, Inc. are dedicated to providing solutions and approaching every job as an integral member of the project team. This level of professionalism is fostered through a commitment to mentoring and apprenticeship, continuing education, and internal training programs. From our superintendents, foreman, journeyman, and apprentices to our project managers and executive staff, the entire Power and Combustion, Inc. team is dedicated to teaming with the general contractor and owner to provide comprehensive design review and technical consultation during pre-construction, superior craftsmanship and attention to detail during construction, and responsive warranty service after the job is complete. What's more, we approach every job with a positive attitude, and know you will enjoy working with us!

Power and Combustion, Inc. record of accomplishment of budget and schedule compliance can be largely attributed to careful equipment selection, detailed drawing reviews, and continuous monitoring of our skilled craftsman's performance along with that of our subcontractor's performance. Every Power and Combustion, Inc. team is lead by an experienced project manager, who is responsible for client liaison, construction planning, phasing and sequencing plans, detailed budgets and schedules, and the coordination of trade and field personnel. A project coordinator is also assigned to each project team to ensure that coordination of mechanical shop drawings with architectural, structural, and electrical drawings is performed.


In addition, Power and Combustion, Inc. also offers comprehensive design-build services. The company has an experienced design-build team with the resources to provide turnkey mechanical system installations, upgrades, retrofits, and replacements, as well as an impressive record of accomplishment of on-time and on-budget delivery.


Power and Combustion, Inc. serves as an integral part of the project team, working closely with the owner, general contractor, architect, and design team to construct the project on time and within budget. We approach every new construction project as problem-solvers, completing the project without frivolous change order requests and needless requests for information. What's more, our bids are thorough and competitive, and our mechanical shop drawings are carefully coordinated.


Power and Combustion, Inc. has completed thousands of tenant projects, frequently coordinating work in occupied facilities. Our expert tenant construction team is skilled in dealing with fast-track schedules, complex phasing and sequencing plans, existing utilities, and noise restrictions. Typical projects include lead tenant build-outs in new buildings, and renovations of existing tenant spaces.



Many of J. F. Fischer, Inc's. Major renovation projects were carefully completed in operational buildings. Our renovation experience also includes developing detailed project phasing and sequencing plans, skillfully addressing unknown conditions, and coordinating mechanical systems installations with the client and other trades.


Power and Combustion, Inc. has completed over 100 computer facility projects, ranging in size from small data and communication rooms to major network computer centers. Our specialized expertise in this area includes the installation of specialized air conditioning systems designed to handle the additional heat generated by computer rooms and data centers, and the maintenance of existing operations during construction.


Power and Combustion, Inc. has completed numerous renovations and additions for major hospital and laboratory facilities, most of which required the maintenance of existing operations during construction. Our experience in this area also includes the coordination of medical gas systems, and the certification of special air distribution and exhaust systems.


Power and Combustion, Inc. has also performed numerous projects in existing treatment plants. Many of these treatment plants were fully operational requiring un-interruptions to daily flows. Also, we have performed construction of new plants / pumping stations and additions to existing plants as both a general contractor and subcontractor.


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