The Mechanical Contractors Association
of America, Inc. (MCAA)

"R" Stamp Certification

Power and Combustion, Inc. is a proud and active member of The Mechanical Contractors Association of America, Inc. (MCAA). MCAA is a vibrant, growing association of more than 2,200 mechanical, plumbing, and service contractors. Members enjoy outstanding educational programs, an expanding catalog of resources, periodicals and a website to keep them informed and connected, and business services to save them money.

Furthermore, MCAA keeps Power and Combustion, Inc. informed and connected by staying on top of industry news, technological advances, government rules, and regulatory changes, which is essential to the success of the business.

MCAA's mission is to always exceed the members' rising expectations. MCAA accomplishes this mission by responding quickly and creatively to its members' needs and challenges, by striving to increase the return on their investment, by embracing change, and by capitalizing on new opportunities. MCAA works hard to ensure that members in all segments of our industry, including service and plumbing, receive equal value regardless of size.

Throughout the year, MCAA sponsors exceptional events that bring its members face-to-face with the leaders in mechanical construction, plumbing, and service. As an MCAA member, Power and Combustion, Inc. has numerous opportunities to build lasting, beneficial relationships with peers while acquiring the business knowledge and tools to keep the company successful.

The Mechanical Service Contractors of America, Inc. (MSCA)

Union-Affiliated (UA) STAR Certification

Power and Combustion, Inc. is very pleased to be an active member of The Mechanical Service Contractors Association of America, Inc. (MSCA).

Since 1975, MSCA has provided both large and small HVACR service contractors with management tools and more. As a subsidiary of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), MSCA recognizes that the future of this industry relies on the availability of skilled journeymen and apprentices.

MSCA provides cutting-edge answers for today's high-tech service needs. Today's competitive environment demands it and MSCA provides high quality education programs tailored for mechanical service contractors, a safety excellence initiative to help protect workers, publications to help run a more effective business and computer and information technology services.

The American Welding Society (AWS)

Power and Combustion, Inc. is a proud and active member of The American Welding Society (AWS). AWS was founded in 1919 as a multifaceted, nonprofit organization with a goal to advance the science, technology and application of welding and related joining disciplines. From factory floor to high-rise construction, from military weaponry to home products, AWS continues to lead the way in supporting welding education and technology development to ensure a strong, competitive and exciting way of life for all Americans.

The American Welding Society offers a number of certification programs to assist industry in identifying qualified welding personnel and to provide opportunities for welding professionals to demonstrate their qualifications to the welding industry. The premier AWS certification program is the Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) program.

The AWS Professional Program offers a broad spectrum of Technical Papers describing the latest findings in welding research, processes and applications. Subjects cover an entire range of industry concerns from the joining of space age materials to production management techniques, testing, quality assurance and more.

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